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Model name: Tina:


Date of Birth:July 30

Model from:West Warwick

Place you would love to visit:Hawaii

Favorite things:Building stuff with wood, working in the garden, water, food and cooking for friends (maybe that's why I don't have many left!)

diamond58 wrote: she looks like a doll
halos wrote: looking at my port, tell me what about me makes me fit? exp: my eyes? lips, hands, whatever.. tell me what type of modeling am I good for If I decide to keep doing it.
bburbage wrote: I watermark.
aub wrote: Been published in Skys Angels Magazine
agoldstein wrote: Sure enough, but it still surprised me to see Roddenbery's name on the credits. You have to remember, I am old enough that I watched these shows when they came out. I was also a huge Star Trek fan when it came out as well.

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